June 25, 2024
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#2: Mental Wellness and Indian Youth

“Stigmatisation still exists around Mental Health among the youth!” — Pallavi Khanna Meet Pallavi Khanna, a certified counselling psychologist from TISS Mumbai, with decades of experience in counselling for various issues related to anxiety...

#12: Mental Health

“Human Triumph is defined by empathy and relationships.” Meet Saurabh Nanda, a computer engineer turned educator. He found that his computer engineer career was not fulfilling and did not make him happy. So he quit and ventured to solve this problem...

#1: Depression During Lockdown

Dr Arti Anand has appeared in Episodes 1 on Depression during Lockdown, 3 on Cyber Bullying and Instagram Bois Locker Case and 4 on Domestic Abuse during Lockdown of the Season 1 of SCM. She explained about mental health...

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