May 19, 2024
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SCM Youth is the platform for Young People who will create the Future We Should Have.

SCM Young Fellow

An SCM Young Fellow is a young change maker between the ages of 10-24, has pursued an extra-ordinary idea which has the potential to change the way we work and make things better, and wants to tell the world about it. SCM Young fellows critically analyse a problem the world is facing, consider solutions for it, research them and produce a scholarly body of work around it or prove it with a proof of concept. If selected as a fellow, they get a chance to learn directly from SN, get mentorship for improving their idea and work, and become a part of the SCM community. Once refined, the fellows get to share their ideas with the world in the form of SCM Young Talk which shall be posted on the Official SCM Channels.

What do SCM Young Fellows get?

  1. Share their passion and impactful work with the world
  2. Being a part of a action-oriented community of changemakers at SCM
  3. Featured on SCM Youth Channels
  4. Direct mentorship with SN and other amazing mentors who have delivered purposeful talks, written scholarly pieces and presented ground breaking stories on forums such as the UN, London School of Economics, World Economic Forum, Harvard University, the Economic Times, National Institute of Education Planning and Research, India, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia among others.
  5. A potential internship opportunity with SCM or SN Mentoring
  6. A Certificate of Achievement and Letter of Recommendation

SCM Youth Mentors

Sangeeth Verghese

Global Authority on Leadership, Best Selling Author

Parikshit Bhardwaj

General Manager and Head of Content and Strategy, Jagran New Media

Samarth Pathak

Advocacy & Communications (South Asia) at UNODC

Priyank Sharma

Researcher at NIEPA, Writer

Harshita Sharma

Researcher at NIEPA, Outreach Communicator


If you have a dream like we do, to see a healthier, kinder, inclusive, democratic and sustainable planet, then Such Conversations will Matter for you as well. SCM is a collection of conversations that should be a part of our daily discussions but aren’t. If you are interested in topics such as tech for good, mental health, sustainability, education reform, global citizenship, change makers, activism, grassroots development, and much more, then this podcast is for you.
The guests on SCM include technical architects, clinical psychologists, doctors, psychometricians, education researchers, change-makers affiliated with the United Nations, World Economic Forum and other such organisations, diplomats, lawyers, product managers, grassroots activists, Indian and foreign bureaucrats, inter-cultural experts, entrepreneurs, international subject matter experts, scientists and academics. Most of them have been featured on other forums such as TEDx, media outlets and global fora such as the World Economic Forum, United Nations among others.

SCM is the brainchild of Saurabh Nanda (SN). A multiple TEDx speaker, he is an international youth mentor and career consultant with copyrighted, well-researched, scientific models on career decision making, career counselling frameworks and youth guidance modules. He leads his venture SN Mentoring. Since 2012, he has impacted over 20,000 students, parents, teachers and aspirants across 35+ universities and colleges, 600+ schools, companies and education institutions in 25+ countries. He is an international youth mentor, mentoring youth for multi-disciplinary projects in sustainability, tech4good, psychology and more for organisations such as Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission, Huawei CSR, YUNGA Japan, NIT Jalandhar, Enactus chapters in Delhi University, Jagriti Yatra among others. He is the recipient of the national level Josh Education Awards for “Best Initiative for Mental Health Awareness” by the Dainik Jagran group (largest media house in India) on 31st March 2022 for his work in creating Cyber Bullying awareness.
He is regularly featured in national media such as Dainik Jagran group and Amar Ujala to talk about career advice, fellowships, cyber bullying, COVID-19 anxiety in students, happiness in careers, career breaks and much more. He has delivered TEDx talks on “Being Career Ready for the Future” in Japan, “Youth need to be selfish about Sustainability” in Chandigarh with a few more on the way. Know more about him here – Know more about him here

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants need to be between the ages of 10-24 years.
  • As an SCM Young fellow, you need to have done a significant amount of research and work in a particular domain.
  • Preferred proof of your work can include a body of work, academic/research paper, an initiative, start-up, project, campaign, award or other recognition.
Applications for the current cohort are now closed!


The presentation should be done in English, Hindi or Punjabi
The topic of the presentation should be about something that the speakers are interested in, and have worked towards in depth. It can be as varied as tech for good, mental health, sustainability, education reform to global citizenship, change makers, activism, grassroots development, and much more
No use of bad language is allowed, or any topics related to religion or politics

Each application will evaluated on the following parameters:

  1. Originality
  2. Creativity
  3. Relevance of the topic to SCM themes
  4. Sincerity of the application
  5. Public speaking skills of the applicant

Each candidate has to fill out the form and once their applications are reviewed, the names would be announced. The overall performance in all the above criteria would be used to judge the candidature. Even if you do not have a lot of experience in Public Speaking, we highly encourage you to apply. Knowledge Builds confidence, if you have knowledge of a subject, you will be confident talking about it.

No, not at all! It is absolutely free.
It will be very comprehensive ranging from helping you curating a script to the final presentation. We endeavour to make it one of the most enriching experiences of your lives.
The mentorship shall last between 3-5 weeks with regular online mentorship sessions.
  • Share your passion and impactful work with the world
  • Being a part of an action-oriented community of change makers at SCM ,and the golden opportunity to network and learn from each other
  • Featured on SCM Youth Channels
  • Direct mentorship with SN and other amazing mentors
  • A potential internship opportunity with SCM or SN Mentoring
  • A certificate of achievement and Letter of Recommendation
Definitely! But please mention the specific field

You are free to contact Ruchika Gupta Mam on 9779253030 anytime between 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday with all your queries. You can even send an email at

You can apply only once per cohort. There is no restriction on the number of cohorts one can apply. Your perseverance will pay off for sure
Yes, you can. But you need to have done significant amount of research and work in a particular domain
Yes, No applications will be received after the 30th of April
Unfortunately No! Only 1 application is allowed per Cohort.
Yes, You need to pay a registeration fee of Rs 1000 at the time of submitting your application.
No Refunds will be provided. Additionally, selection is done internally, and due to a large number of applicants, no explanation for rejection shall be provided and/or explained
Yes, once you submit the application and make the payment, then you implicitly agree to share your picture and information provided to be used by the SCM Team as per their requirements on the website and associated Social Media

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