July 14, 2024
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Yuumi Okuda

Yuumi Okuda

Meet the team behind Tane no Chikara or Seedbed! Daisuke Kaneko decided to do something about how we will today. He wanted to go back to nature and make sustainable living practices that others can follow and emulate. That is when he started Tane no Chikara, where he can put in the seeds of sustainability, with Yuumi Okuda. They had to move to Awaji, a rural island in Japan, to realise their dream. Michele Bezzi, a passionate advocate of permaculture and nature conservation, found Tane no Chikara through Awaji Youth Federation and started working with them to build earthbag houses, chemical-less agriculture, and composting, creating education programs for students and young professionals in Japan. Being part of the Awaji Youth Federation in 2019, I got the golden opportunity to volunteer at Tane no Chikara, learn from the team, create conversations around SDGs and conduct corporate training modules for Japanese professionals.

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