July 14, 2024
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The future we should have

If you have a dream like we do, to see a healthier, kinder, inclusive, democratic and sustainable planet, then Such Conversations will Matter for you as well. SCM is a collection of conversations that should be a part of our daily discussions but aren’t. If you are interested in topics such as tech for good, mental health, sustainability, education reform, global citizenship, change makers, activism, grassroots development, and much more, then this podcast is for you.
The guests on SCM include technical architects, clinical psychologists, doctors, psychometricians, education researchers, change-makers affiliated with the United Nations, World Economic Forum and other such organisations, diplomats, lawyers, product managers, grass roots activists, Indian and foreign bureaucrats, inter-cultural experts, entrepreneurs, international subject matter experts, scientists and academics.

Our Mission

Democratisation of Access to Information to move towards the future we should have.

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History and Motivation

SCM was envisioned in 2013 by Saurabh Nanda when he realised that parents, students and educators are not exposed to trends happening around them, trends which are shaping our immediate futures. It finally took the pandemic to help convert these thoughts into a tangible forum. The real trigger was one of the horrible side-effects of the lockdown. In April 2020, an ex-student of Saurabh reached out to him for help. Since the lockdown began, this ex-UPSC aspirant was being mentally tortured every single day at home by his family because he was homosexual, and he did not know how to deal with it. Even today, millions of Indians and people across the world face discrimination at various levels for various things. These conversations aim at creating more awareness in a scientific, data oriented discourse to dispel myths and create a healthy open forum for discussion.

The Host and Founder

Saurabh Nanda is an Educator, a Career Consultant, and an International Youth Mentor. He is an ardent supporter of the Sustainable Developmemnt Goals (SDGs). He is associated with hundreds of schools and institutions across India, the Middle-East, Japan, Denmark and other countries. He is the official mentor for colleges in Delhi University, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Jalandhar. He is the official youth and start-up mentor for global organisations such as Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA), Japan, Purpose in Motion (PIM), Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and many others. He gets his mentees to do research projects on all SDGs. He is the recipient of the national level Josh Education Awards for “Best Initiative for Mental Health Awareness” by the Dainik Jagran group. You can know more about him here. You can know more about his work here.


SCM has so far been a one man show with inputs and help from friends and supporters. It would be amazing if you could support it by spreading the word, sharing the content, giving feedback and, if you feel like it, donating money to support the movement.

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